How to Contact Your Members of Congress

Friday, May 20, 2011

The general rule of thumb when communicating with a Member of Congress is that although email is the easiest way to connect, a phone call is more effective. Even more impactful, however, is a handwritten letter. But all of the forms of communication are worth doing. Here are ways to find contact information for your elected officials:

1. Contact your elected officials using This one is for contacting any elected officials, including President Barack Obama, senators, representatives, state governors, and state legislators. Click on "representatives" and type in your zip code to find your representative. There you will find all the contact information you want, including a phone number.
2. Representatives and senators. This one also simply asks for your zip code and it finds the right representative for you. You'll have all the information you need to call or write your representative.
3. Government hotline. Call this number to find out any contact information on any elected official: 202-224-3121. Get some hot tips on calling your MOCs by clicking here
4. Use Facebook. I don't know how effective this is, but most MOCs have an official Facebook page. You can "like" the page and then make your voice heard there too.

For more information about how to reach, contact, and influence your MOCs, read this: Tips for Being An Effective Grassroots Advocate.

You should contact only your MOCs. When a representative gets a message from a non-constituent, the standard policy is to forward the message to that person's MOC. The MOC is in office because they were elected by their constituents. They have no responsibility to respond or act for anyone else.

This makes our task very simple. Contact your MOCs and educate, persuade,  and convince your Members of Congress to co-sponsor the Open Fuel Standard Act. Then get busy talking to friends and family of yours who live in other districts or states, and educate, persuade, and convince them to do the same with their MOCs. Let's get this done.


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