Cars 2 Hints at Fuel Choice Issue

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The following was written by Marty Niland in an article entitled, Cars 2 Has Fun With Energy Issues. "Cars 2" arrived in theaters last weekend.

Like most releases from Disney's Pixar studios, “Cars 2” has treats for both the children in its target audience and their parents. For the kids, it's physical comedy gags and a message about self-esteem and friendship, all set in a James Bond sendup action thriller. For the grownups, there is a compelling plot line all about energy, wrapped in stunning digital animation.

Most of the gang from the original 2006 movie is back for this sequel. Owen Wilson voices the affable race car Lighting McQueen and Larry the Cable Guy is the lovable clown Mater, who becomes the main character this time around by unwittingly getting caught up in an international spy caper involving “Big Oil” and alternative fuels.

That's where the adults get hooked into the story, and it happens from the opening scene, which culminates in a chase through an offshore oil platform. The “bad guys” are all old “lemons” (Pacers, Gremlins and the like), who happen to be part of a gang that owns world's largest oil reserves. Their big obstacle is that Sir Miles Axelrod — an electric-converted, former gas guzzling SUV voiced by Eddie Izzard — has developed an alternative fuel, Allinol. He's using a “World Grand Prix” race series, featuring Lightning and a host of international cars, to promote it.

In the midst of it all comes a plot to make Allinol look dangerous. Two British agents, voiced by Michael Caine and Emily Mortimer, recruit Mater in their mission to find out who's behind it. Is Allinol really a safe alternative to gasoline? Will Lightning survive the race series running on the alternative fuel? And can Mater save his friend's life without getting killed himself in the process?

Viewers find all the answers through an amazing digital animation job that produces incredibly realistic and colorful skylines and landscapes around the world. The film is rated G.

From the Pixar Wikia site, we find a clarification about Allinol:

In Cars 2, it is first believed that Allinol is the result of Miles Axlerod's research to find the renewable, clean-burning energy source of the future. Axlerod is a former oil baron who sold off his fortune, converted himself into an electric car and created the clean-burning fuel of the future: Allinol! He believes it's the fuel everybody should be using. To promote his new product, he organized the World Grand Prix.

It is later revealed that Allinol is, in fact, gasoline engineered to explode when it comes into contact with radiation. During the Grand Prix, he plans on showing the world how unstable and dangerous alternative fuels are. This is part of a plan to turn the world against alternative energy and have them rely on gasoline. Why? Because Miles Axlerod is still an oil barron. He and his henchmen secretly own the largest untapped oil reserves in the world.


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