A Day My Kids Will Remember Forever

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The following was written by Alan Anderson, a freelance writer focusing on green renewable alternative fuels such as sugar based ethanol and biodiesel. He has written for many online publications including Newsvine.com and EnergyBoom.com.

It started out as a normal day like any other. Jeanne and I were going to the pool for our granddaughter's first swim lessons with their mom Tracie. Everything was wonderful at the pool and the kids loved it. We loaded up the car and headed home from the park when I saw the sign at the gas station across the street that seemed to me to be lit up like Broadway on a Friday night. The sign read "E85...$3.25."  I let out a loud yell — “Hell yeah! That’s what I’ve been talking about!”

Every face in the car was now fixed on me wondering what I was talking about. I pointed out that we passed probably 15-20 gas stations on our way to the pool, all with unleaded gas from $3.70-$3.95. They quickly looked and saw the price of E85 and asked, if it’s so cheap, why can’t we all use it? Being the overly passionate one in the family when it comes to alternative fuels, I went into a long story about engines and the EPA and auto companies. Within five minutes everyone was bored with the details, so I dropped the lecture for the rest of the trip home.

Deep down inside I kept this raging fire of patriotic glory the rest of the day. I got home and checked out the pump and gas supplier and sure enough it was that company "Propel" I’ve been hearing so much about out here on the West Coast. Yes! I finally have the fuel I’ve wanted at my corner gas station — E85.

Oh, but wait. I don’t have a flex fuel vehicle yet. Here I’ve been fighting for the change for so long, and I don’t even have a FFV yet! No worries, neither do 99% of my neighbors within a 100-mile radius. We might call this the chicken before the egg syndrome. Then I thought to myself, "I am still fighting for the Open Fuel Standard Act to require American auto manufacturers to produce more Flex Fuel Vehicles for the chance of having true economic freedom from that strategic commodity that has dominated world for over 150 years — OIL.

Thank you, Propel Fuels, for lifting up that American patriotic spirit in me today, and thanks to all the other companies like Propel Fuel that offer us this choice at the pump that we Americans will soon be calling "Freedom Fuel" — grown by Americans, manufactured by Americans, and used to explore America from coast to coast. So why hasn't this American spirit continued on to Washington, D.C.?

Are we going to make a difference in our lifetime? Why not? Why not now? Why not on something as simple and important as the lives of American soldiers? For every barrel of oil we buy to turn into gas we spend a bag of blood, shed by a brave young soldier to defend U.S. oil interests somewhere in the world.

Now is the time to stand up and tell your congressional representative to support freedom, jobs, economic and national security by supporting The Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011 (HR 1687). It's free, it costs the taxpayer nothing, it costs the government nothing but the ink to sign the bill. And your children and grandchildren will thank you someday for standing up for them and changing a 150 year-old wrong done to America.

Alan Anderson
Carmichael, CA


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