Don't Look to OPEC to Help Us Out

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Look at the recent headlines below, keeping in mind that if OPEC raises their output, gas prices around the world would fall, which would end the recession (or ease it, depending on how much they boosted their production):

Iran OPEC Governor Opposes Output Increase” 6/4/2011 Market Watch

Iraqi Oil Minister Says Oil Prices Are ‘Reasonable’” 6/7/11 Politico

OPEC does not have America's best interest in mind. And they control the world price of oil. Which means they can decide to pull the world out of its recession or send us deeper into it.

This is completely unacceptable. We must remove oil's strategic status, and we must do it quickly. Our continued vulnerability to this cartel is foolish. It's far worse than foolish — it's dangerous. The first step is to pass the Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011, and to pass it now.

Please take the time to urge your representative to co-sponsor this bill right away. We've got no time to lose. Click here to find out how.


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