Short But Powerful Letter to a Representative

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I saw the letter below, written to someone's representative using, and I thought it was a great example. When you write or call your representative, you can use this note as a model:

May 28, 2011

You have a chance to free the U.S. from servitude to OPEC and the global jihad. Please support the Open Fuel Standard ACT of 2011, taking out the corruption loopholes (easily bribed exemptions), lessening the time for conversion, and providing that oil profits are not the only consideration in this national security issue.

During WWII, our manufacturing base converted practically the entire industry to manufacturing of war planes and equipment in a matter of weeks. There is no reason the manufacturing base should not or could not be redirected to protect our national security interest of energy independence. After all, GM and Ford already support the energy independence of Brazil by manufacturing their alternative energy vehicles.

Please put the limit on big business that profits do not override our national security. Thank you.


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