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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Below is the pre-written letter provided for you by the American Coalition for Ethanol website. At the site you can edit the letter before you send it, and customize your message. It is automatically addressed to your representative, based on your zip code. Here's the message that is already written to start with:

Congressman Shimkus and a number of others representing a diverse coalition of industry, national security and transportation interests have introduced H.R. 1687, the Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011, and I am writing to encourage you to support this legislation.

The Open Fuel Standard Act would lessen America's dependence on foreign oil, provide cost competitive choices at the fuel pump for consumers, and enhance America's energy security.

The bill will require that starting in 2014, 50% of new automobiles be alternative vehicles capable of operating on another fuel in addition to, or in place of, gasoline — whether natural gas, electricity, bio-diesel, hydrogen, flex fuel vehicles that can run on blends of methanol and ethanol, or others, as well as a catch-all provision for emerging technologies. In 2016, the requirement goes up to 80% of all new passenger vehicles sold, and 95% of vehicles in 2017, and every year after.

One of the technologies supported, flexible fuel vehicles — those that can operate on gasoline, methanol and ethanol blends — will allow consumers to select from three different types of fuel at the pump. Providing new cars with flexible fuel capability would cost around $100 per car and provide huge dividends to the consumer.

To become a co-sponsor of this bill, please contact Ryan Tracy with Representative Shimkus at ryan.tracy@mail.house.gov.

To send this letter to your representative, click here.

We have advocates in D.C. right now who are visiting our representatives personally, and it makes their visits more productive and more persuasive when the representative they're talking to has heard from his or her constituents (you, for example) about this bill. Your call is not futile. It makes a difference. Call today.

If you would like to do more, click here.


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