Everything is Up, But Corn is Up Because of Ethanol? Get Real.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Check out this article in the Economist magazine: Everyday Higher Prices. As you can see from the chart here, the price of everything is spiking up — washing machines, steel, cotton, etc. And all items — food and industrials — are tracking together.

But the rise of corn prices are because of the biofuel industry?!

Who comes up with this stuff?

I'll tell you who: Those whose profits are hurt by the biofuel industry and want to shut it down. Mainly Big Food and Big Oil. Their lobbyists and PR machines try to slander alcohol fuels in every way they can, and they've been doing it for almost a hundred years.

They've harped on the phony "food versus fuel" debate so hard for so long most people take it for granted. I am constantly coming across articles mentioning in passing that the alcohol fuel industry raises food prices without ever feeling the need to justify that statement because it is "self-evident."

Like the old "flat earth" presumption, the "food versus fuel" presumption needs to be quashed once and for all. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Let the words be gazetted and ridiculous henceforward." Here are a few articles to get us started:

The Food Industry's Propaganda Campaign Against Ethanol

Agriculture is Not a Zero-Sum Game

Food Prices Are Driven By Oil Prices

Ethanol and World Hunger

Ethanol Policy and Meat Prices: Unspinning the Truth

BBC: Will Biofuel Leave the Poor Hungry?

Share these with your friends. Leave them as comments on articles that pass on the false presumption. Write letters to the editors. The false food-versus-fuel presumption is one of the main barriers preventing people from being committed to clean-burning, American-made, economy-boosting, national security-raising alcohol fuels. Let's enlighten our fellow citizens and let's do it quickly.


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