Breaking News: America Could Win the War against OPEC and Al-Qaeda

Friday, August 5, 2011

By Alan Anderson

America is on the brink of winning the greatest war since winning our Independence back in July of 1776. Our war of Energy Independence from the nations of OPEC is within sight and is almost reality. The only battle left to fight is that of our own political partisanship which is being waged daily for all Americans to see on their TV screens.

The nation has begun to realize that increasing oil production domestically will not get us out from under the stranglehold of OPEC’s monopoly on 75% of world oil supplies. This 75% monopoly is what controls 90% of America’s cost for gasoline and diesel fuel that we consume. We must have the political strength be honest with the American people and let them know that alternative fuels are the only way to be truly energy independent from OPEC and the terrorist groups that benefit from America’s reliance on foreign oil.

So far in the war of Energy Independence there has been one country to beat the Axis powers of OPEC and that is the sugar-rich country of Brazil. America has fought this war up till now using the only weapon we thought could give us the best chance of winning — corn. Although we've made great strides with our best-known weapon, we have still fallen short of the goal line.

A new day is dawning for America and its biofuel weapon of choice. The greatest scientific minds from around the world have made it perfectly clear that what makes biofuel the number one option for Energy Independence is sugar. According to the Advanced Biofuels Association, “The main source of alcohol fermentation is sugar, for which feedstocks include sugarcane, sugar beets and others.” This should be no surprise to us here in America since we have watched Brazil go from totally reliant on foreign oil to an exporter of oil using its sugarcane to build the world’s largest biofuels industry and leaving America at least 10 years behind.

Don’t let this fool you. U.S. farmers have taken notice and some have taken action to change the way we make our biofuels here in America.

Americans know corn is the largest agricultural commodity grown by farmers in the U.S., and the majority of our ethanol is made from it. But if used in conjunction with sugars made from energy beets and other American sugar crops like sweet sorghum and switchgrass, the American ethanol business could outproduce even their estimates for production.

As of today there are three major sugar ethanol projects in development to help America realize that independence from OPEC’S oil monopoly is within sight with the help of the number one ingredient to make ethanol and biodiesel — sugar.

There is only one other obstacle in the way of the freedom from oil dominance and that is the need for government to put in place a policy that lets the expansion of biofuels cover the entire country with protection for fuel stations to install pumps that deliver ethanol. One policy already being considered is the Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011 that mandates automakers to produce more FFVs for the market. This is bipartisan plan supported by both Republican and Democratic lawmakers to help America realize three things — energy independence, jobs, and cheaper costs for fuel.

So as we reach the middle of summer and our leaders in Washington, D.C. continue to fight over which party stands to gain ground politically over the budget and spending battles, let it be known that there is one war that is almost won. The War for Energy Independence has never been closer to being won than it is today. So this message must get to every American across the nation from coast to coast and border to border. Then every American must tell their Congressional Representative to support and vote for Energy Policy that expands biofuels and FFVs for America’s Energy Independence. America can then once again tell the world it is truly a free and Independent nation.

Alan Anderson, a freelance writer focusing on green renewable alternative fuels such as sugar based ethanol and biodiesel. He has written for many online publications including, and The Energy Collective. President of the newly formed non-profit organization National Association of Proficient Renewable Biofuels (NAPRB).


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