Using Yahoo Answers for a Public Education Campaign

Thursday, August 28, 2014

If everyone you know is already educated about the Open Fuel Standard, and you want to inform more people, here is a way you can do it: Go to Yahoo Answers and sign up. Then click on "Discover." You'll see many categories. Choose "Environment" or "Politics and Government" or "Cars and Transportation." Make a bookmark or toolbar bookmark for this.

Now check it every day. People are always asking questions. You will see questions that can be answered with information about the Open Fuel Standard (it is a good answer or solution to many problems).

Sometimes you have to go through quite a few to get to a question you can answer. When you find one, give a good answer. Help educate people.

You can also use the search function and type in something like "fuel" or "open fuel standard" or "national security" or "economy" and then click on "Newest" to find good questions.

You can also ask questions and vote on the answer.

Often Yahoo questions and answers rank very high on a Google or Bing search. So your answer can potentially reach many people over time. In the meantime, you're educating the few people involved in that particular question and answer. It's actually fun and addicting and will help us get the word out.

Use lots of links in your answers. Put in the time to write good answers. Try to get your answer voted as the best one. If you're ready to launch your public education campaign, start here: Yahoo Answers.

Author: Adam Khan, the co-founder of and co-author of the book, Fill Your Tank With Freedom. 


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