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Saturday, February 11, 2012

One way you can help get the word out about the Open Fuel Standard is by making comments on articles and posts. Below is a good example. It is informative, to the point, and provides links for further information. Excellent. After an article on JihadWatch, someone named "Traeh" made the following comment:


By asking your representative in the U.S. House of Representatives to help pass the bill H.R. 1687 — the Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011 — you do something very practical to resist sharia and jihad.

The bill currently has over a dozen Republican and Democratic co-sponsors in the House of Representatives. Get your rep to co-sponsor it too!

The Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011 (HR 1687) would require a rapidly increasing percentage of new cars sold in the U.S. to include a small change that would cost only $100 a car. The fix would allow cars to run on any fuel and any mix of fuels (including methanol, ethanol, bio-diesel, or gasoline). The fix would break OPEC's power over the price of transport fuel. It would create price competition among fuels and increasingly allow drivers to choose at the pump which fuel they want to buy. The Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011 (HR 1687) is supported by a coalition of strange bedfellows who normally might not agree with each other: former national security officials, environmentalists, military bigwigs, evangelicals.

To see why to support the Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011 (HR 1687), check out this video featuring Frank Gaffney, Robert McFarlane, James Woolsey, Anne Korin, and others:

America's Fuel Choice: Breaking Oil's Monopoly on the Transport Sector

And check out this website:

Set America Free is a coalition including Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum; Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy; former CIA head James Woolsey; former National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane; former secretary of Energy Admiral James Watkins; former commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet Admiral James Lyons; Orson Swindle, Former Commissioner of the Federal Trade Commission and Vietnam POW; and others.

See also this website:

You can contact your representative to support the Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011 (H.R. 1687) by email if you go here:

But a thousand times more effective than email is to telephone your representative.

1) Click here to get your representative's phone number:

2) When you get to that website, just put your zipcode in the box, hit enter, then images of your representative (and your two senators) will appear.

3) Then click on your representative's picture, and several tabs will appear, including a "contact" tab.

4) Click on the contact tab and you'll see phone numbers for your representative.

If you telephone, politely ask the name of the staffer who handles flex fuel issues or energy issues, then ask to speak to that staffer. Politely tell the staffer you support passage of the Open Fuel Standard Act of 2011, HR 1687.

And have a look at this page: How to Influence Your Representative


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