This is a Game We Can Win

Monday, November 19, 2012

The following is an excerpt from the book, Energy Victory, by Robert Zubrin:

"As for converting trash, it doesn't matter whether the feedstock is composed of packaging materials, old rags, used candy wrappers, plastic forks, or Styrofoam coffee cups. The stuff is all just compounds of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, with a few impurities thrown in here and there, and all of it can be pyrolyzed and reacted with steam to produce sythesis gas, and then methanol...

"The chemistry needed to dethrone oil from its trump-suit status is well understood. We can readily convert our fuel strong suits into an alcohol supply bountiful enough to wash OPEC off the map.

"The only issue is that we need to have cars and trucks that can use it."


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