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Friday, May 25, 2012

If you've already called your representative, and you've subscribed to these updates and "liked" us on Facebook, and you've informed yourself and are sharing information with your friends and family about the Open Fuel Standard, and you want to do more, here are some ideas:

1. Use an E85 fuel-station finder and visit your local fuel stations that sell alternative fuels and ask them to hand out fliers to their customers — fliers that inform the customers about the Open Fuel Standard. Those customers are already fans of alcohol fuels, and would probably appreciate a greater proliferation of alcohol fuel pumps. And the owners of the station would appreciate a greater number of cars coming off the assembly line capable of burning their fuel.

2. Contact the employees and employers of methanol and ethanol facilities and let them know about the Open Fuel Standard Act. Bring them fliers. They are natural allies.

3. Create a PDF document that people can use. Make a one-page flier to copy and hand out. Make sure it tells people about how they can help, and tell them to subscribe to updates at Send the PDF to us and we can make it available to others. About half way down this page are some PDFs you can use right now.

4. Make YouTube videos about the Open Fuel Standard Act, telling people why it's important and what they can do to help it pass.

5. Use your six degrees of separation to contact Vinod Khosla and Warren Buffett, and ask them to support the Open Fuel Standard Act. Vinod Khosla has been an outspoken promoter of alcohol fuels, and Warren Buffet owns 39 million shares of Walmart and Walmart has considered putting E85 fuel pumps at their locations, so it would not only be good for America and the economy, it would be good for Walmart if more cars were flex fuel capable. Find these men, or find people who know these men, and make them aware of the new legislation. Urge them to help make it happen.

6. Contact the service clubs in your area — Rotary, Kiwanas, etc., and ask to show a film. They usually have presenters at their regular meetings speak for about 20 minutes, and they're always looking for speakers. Show them one or more of these videos, and open it up to a Q and A session afterwards.

7. If you are a member of any group, read Turning Oil Into Salt, and report your summary to the group.

8. Write letters to the editor of your local paper. Get people talking about it.

9. Use Google News Alerts for "Open Fuel Standard" and "ethanol" and "flex fuel" and "gas prices" and make comments on blogs and articles about it. Help educate people about the subject.

10. Add your Members of Congress to your email address book and the speed dial of your phone. Get their contact information here. Make sure they understand what the Open Fuel Standard will do for your state or your region, and what it will do for the United States.

11. Click here to get updates from the Fuel Freedom Foundation and like them on Facebook. Share their posts with your friends and family. 

12. Show the film Freedom at any meeting you attend regularly (church group, service club, whatever). You could show this short YouTube video and have a discussion about it. You could give them a presentation about the Open Fuel Standard.

13. Make a school project or presentation about the Open Fuel Standard. Encourage your kids to do a school project. More education on the fundamentals and consequences of fuel competition are desperately needed.


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