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Friday, June 29, 2012

It took about twenty seconds
to make this car door magnet.
The only thing preventing the Open Fuel Standard from becoming a reality is: Not enough people even know it exists. When people know, a certain percentage of them urge their Members of Congress to co-sponsor the bill. So if enough people knew about it, enough people would urge their MoCs, and the bill would become law.

So let's get more people to know about it.

One possibility is to use Vista Print or any similar online service that makes promotional tools. Vista Print has pre-made, professional-looking templates to which you just add the text. You can make professional-looking postcards, stickers, business cards, bumper stickers, business-card sized magnets, car door magnets, regular business cards, etc. It only takes a few minutes and is very simple to do.

Car-door magnet posters. Now that is an appropriate attention-getter that would make a lot more people aware of this bill. It could say something as little as: "Energy independence is within our grasp" or "Turbocharge the economy" or "Cars sold in America should be able to burn fuel made in America" and then just end with

Let's find all the innovative ways we can to make the public aware that the Open Fuel Standard could solve a lot of our problems. Direct people to and urge them to sign up for updates.


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