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Saturday, October 27, 2012

In an article this week in Forbes entitled, Jobs In a Ripple-Out Economy Come From Oil, Gas, Coal, and Then the Cloud, someone made the following comment, and reminded me that this is a very good way to help reach and educate others about the Open Fuel Standard: Make comments on articles. Too few people even know about the Open Fuel Standard. We need to change that. Here was the comment:

Jobs can not and will not be created by keeping oil and electricity prices artificially high. For every job gained in the oil business or from “green jobs”, 3 are lost to the high cost of oil and/or electricity.

Conventional clean coal generation is essential for economic strength. The EPA needs to stop waging war on coal.

The OPEC cartel has engaged in taxation without representation for 40 years. This can be stopped by passing the Open Fuels Standard Act (OFS) which counter-mandates the limitation on our cars by limiting them to gasoline. The OFS requires cars sold in America to burn gasoline, ethanol and (most important) methanol in any mixture.

This OFS law brings our natural gas supplies on line as automotive fuel since that’s the easiest way to make methanol. The convenience of mixing three different fuels in one tank is unsurpassed by the “Pickens Plan” and the Chevy Volt and others. The cost of the technology is about $100/car; much less than the Volt or “Pickens Plan” which require two separate fuel systems.

With the OFS, no subsidies are necessary. Supply and demand rule the day. Consumers are free to choose the fuel that is most economical on any given day. Since fuel prices fluctuate, flex fuel cars are a natural response.

The OFS protects America from a cutoff of Persian Gulf oil. Should such a cutoff occur, the United States will have plenty of domestic feedstock to keep our automobile fleet rolling with two other fuels that can be made from a variety of feedstocks; not just oil.

Wanna see American jobs grow? Pass the Open Fuel Standard Act and get Americans making our own automotive fuels. The article above represents a drop in the bucket.


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