Something Easy You Can Do to Promote Fuel Competition in America

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sign up for Fuel Freedom's Facebook page and share their posts with your friends and family. Their posts are informative, thought-provoking, and almost always contain a link to more information.

Most people know almost nothing about fuel competition and what it will do for not only America, but for the world. Sharing these short, intriguing Facebook posts will trickle in enough information to make many people curious.

We need widespread support for the idea of fuel competition. We need people ready and willing to take action when an opportunity arises. What opportunities? When an Open Fuel Standard is introduced again into Congress — we will need people contacting their Congresspeople and urging them to co-sponsor the bill. When buying a new car, we will need people choosing cars that are not limited to petroleum only. When renting a car, same thing. When choosing a new fleet of cars for their company, we need people choosing cars that do not perpetuate oil's monopoly. When filling up at the station, we need people choosing the competition to oil.

But as long as most people remain in the dark about what fuel competition is and what it can do for the economy, for national security, for women's rights, for world poverty, for the environment, etc., then they won't take advantage of those opportunities and we'll be stuck in a one-fuel economy with all the negative consequences that brings about.

So please go here now and "like" Fuel Freedom's Facebook page, and share those posts on Facebook:


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