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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Open Fuel Standard bill has been introduced into the House of Representatives. The first thing each of us should do is contact our Representative and urge her or him to co-sponsor the bill. Click here to get contact information for your Representative. Follow that link and you'll see a space in the upper right corner of the page to type your zip code.

The more co-sponsors we get, the more likely the bill will pass. Momentum is everything. Do it soon.

The general rule of thumb for contacting Representatives is that a phone call has more impact than an email, and a handwritten letter has more impact than a phone call. But all of them count. Make a convincing case. Here are some talking points you can use: Why Support the Open Fuel Standard?

And here is a letter you can use as a model: Jeffrey Mathews' letter to his Representative.

And make sure you get an answer back. You are entitled to a response. If you'd like to do more, click here for tips on how to be an effective grassroots advocate.

So, step one is to gather co-sponsors, starting with your district's Representative. Step two: Persuade your family and friends to do the same. If you'd like to do more:
1. Subscribe to the updates on this site. Click here to subscribe.
2. Inform yourself. Click here for recommendations of books, articles, and online videos.
3. Once you've read them or watched them, loan your books to friends and family, and send them the articles and videos.
4. "Like" the Open Fuel Standard Facebook page and "share" our Facebook posts with your Facebook friends and family, and follow the Open Fuel Standard on Twitter.
5. Start your own Facebook campaign or email campaign to help educate the public and gain more allies for our cause. 
6. Initiate conversations with your friends and family and educate them about the Open Fuel Standard. Bookmark and frequently use our Questions and Answers page to help you answer questions people have about the issue.
7. Call your representative and make your voice heard on this issue. Click here for an explanation of how phone calls work, and instructions on how to do it. 
8. Start your own guerrilla marketing campaign and bring in new supporters of this bill who haven't heard of it yet. Click here to find out how to get started. If you want to do even more, click here too. 
9. Make sure your next car is a flex fuel vehicle. We don't have to personally wait until the Open Fuel Standard passes. The more cars on the road that can burn alternative fuels, the sooner we'll see alternative fuel pumps. Click here to find new flex fuel car models.
10. Convert the car you already own to a flex fuel car. Click here to see how it's done. Click here to read about technical requirements for conversions. And when you can burn the fuel, use this fuel station finder to find alcohol pumps near you.
11. Make comments on online articles to help raise awareness of the Open Fuel Standard. Click here to find out how.
12. Start your own public education program on Yahoo Answers. Click here to find out how.
13. Help promote awareness of the Open Fuel Standard bill by creating business cards, bumper stickers and magnets. Click here to find out how.
14. Still more things you can do.


DragonTat2 July 9, 2013 at 1:57 PM  

Nothing like direct action~ to Facebook and Twitter everyone!

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