How to Write a Letter to Your Representative

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The following is a letter Jeffrey J. Mathews of the Henry Ford Project wrote to his Representative. You can use it as a model for a letter you write to yours. The most powerful form of a letter is handwritten. Here's Mathews' letter:

Monday, July 29, 2013

Congressman ******:

I am writing to you today to ask you to please support the Open Fuel Standard (H.R. 2493).  The Open Fuel Standard (OFS) would require 30 percent of new automobiles in 2015, 50 percent in 2016, and 50 percent in each subsequent year, to operate on non-petroleum fuels in addition to or instead of petroleum based fuels.

The OFS would bring consumer choice to Americans.  The vast majority of us presently do not have a choice to fuel our automobiles.  Only gasoline and diesel fuel are available. The petroleum industry has a monopoly in this country; it is not a monopoly by one particular oil company as was the case over a hundred years ago with Standard Oil.  No, this is an entire industry that has the American people in a chokehold.

For one, the availability of alternative fuels saves money for consumers.  Personally, I use E85 ethanol from Thornton’s gas stations in my home town.  Presently, the price at the pump is $2.79.  Have you seen the average price of gasoline lately?  Thornton’s station is the only place I can go locally to get ethanol for both of my converted cars, both of which left their respective factories as gas-only vehicles.

My primary concern, besides the obvious environmental impact upon the Earth, is our own national security in the United States.  Fuel competition at the pump will reduce the amount of money going to the regimes that are hostile to America (and hostile to their own populations). The world would be better off if those governments didn't have so much wealth to use to harm or repress others.

As a Republican representative, you already know the value of having a free and open marketplace.  I am asking you to support the Open Fuel Standard, H.R. 2493.

Yours truly,

Jeffrey J. Mathews

P.S.  I also wish to thank you for voting to stop the NSA from spying on us American citizens as if we were all criminals.  You tried anyway.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Rather than asking your Member of Congress to support the bill, ask her or him to co-sponsor the bill. It is a stronger commitment. 


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