Oil Prices, Oil Futures and Speculation Webinar

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Did you miss Fuel Freedom's "Oil Prices, Oil Futures and Speculation" webinar last week? It’s not too late to join the discussion!

Click here to listen to Fuel Freedom co-founder and oil expert Eyal Aronoff share his insights about the ongoing debate surrounding high oil prices. You can also download the PowerPoint presentation, or view some of the topics discussed in the Oil Speculation webinar.

The presentation was very interesting. One of the results of the way oil futures impact the market is that Saudi Arabia, by raising their oil production right before an American presidential election could actually influence the outcome of the election (and may have done so). When gas prices are high, the incumbent tends to lose the election. And Saudi Arabia has enough oil capacity to raise their production whenever they want (they keep their production constrained to keep world oil prices high).

If you've ever wondered how speculation influences oil prices and how OPEC manipulates the process, we highly recommend this webinar.

Fuel Freedom will have another webinar on Wednesday, October 2, to discuss the Myths and Realities of American Energy Independence. Mark your calendars.

Watch last week's webinar here: Oil Prices, Oil Futures and Speculation.


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