Methanol and Ethanol Achieve Better MPG Than Originally Estimated

Friday, September 20, 2013

Here's the latest from Fuel Freedom: How much do you know about replacement fuels? According to Fuel Freedom's co-founder Eyal Aronoff, “Alcohol fuels are not getting a fair treatment.” His recently published white paper shows that EPA’s method of approximating the gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) mileage of methanol and ethanol fuel blends underestimates the true performance of those fuels. In other words, methanol and ethanol are not only cheaper and cleaner-burning than gasoline, they can also achieve better mpg than originally estimated.

The significant findings, which were highlighted in a Bloomberg article, can have far-reaching implications for the use of American-made replacement fuels in lessening our nation’s appetite for oil, including the over $300 billion we spend each year on foreign oil.

Eyal, who is leading the development of Fuel Freedom’s next study on “The Myths and Realities of American Energy Independence,” will be presenting the details of his findings on Wednesday, Oct. 2, in an online seminar. Once again, he will highlight Fuel-Freedom-authored research to clarify the facts about oil usage, its harm to the American economy and how we can end this dangerous dependence.


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