Why Conservatives Love the Open Fuel Standard Bill

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Open Fuel Standard bill creates a free market instead of what we have now: Oil’s virtual monopoly of transportation fuel. Oil is in the same position AT&T was in prior to 1984: Because of the way things are structured, oil has a monopoly. Gasoline-only cars can efficiently burn methanol and ethanol as well as gasoline. Flex fuel technology is inexpensive and mature. When AT&T’s monopoly was broken and competition was introduced, the cost of long distance calls dropped in the span of three years from $3.00 a minute to 30 cents a minute, and now it is more like 3 cents a minute. Why? Competition. The Open Fuel Standard would do the same for fuel — our economy’s most important commodity.

The Open Fuel Standard bill would also create greater national security for the United States. The threat of Islamic fundamentalism is growing around the world because of money from oil. OPEC nations keep raising the world price of oil and using that money to fund Hezbollah, the OIC, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Muslim Students Association, the Taliban, etc. — these are all funded by OPEC oil money. Fundamentalist Wahhabis from Saudi Arabia are also using their oil profits to buy and build madrassas and mosques all over the world to spread their message of hatred of non-Muslims. The only reason they’re making so much money is that the world is stuck on a one-fuel standard. The economy requires transportation fuel and petroleum is the only one most of the world uses, even though methanol and ethanol also burn efficiently in the same engines and are half the cost per mile. The Open Fuel Standard would change all this. Fuel prices would drop and OPEC’s decades-long tradition of bleeding the West of its money would stop.

Find out what you can do to help get this bill passed: First Things First.


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