Should Cars be Made to Run on Any Fuel so the Best Fuel Wins?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

It takes almost nothing at all to make a gasoline-only car capable of also burning methanol and ethanol. If that was done to all cars, when you went to a fuel station, those fuels would be in constant daily competition, which would be really good for the consumer.

Not only would we have three fuels competing, but ethanol and methanol can both be made from many things, so their feedstocks could also compete. Which would you buy? Ethanol made from corn, ethanol made from local municipal waste, or ethanol made from algae using undrinkable water and unfarmable land? Or maybe methanol made from natural gas? Methanol made from coal? Methanol made from agricultural waste? Wouldn't you like to have a choice? Wouldn't you like to see those fuels have a chance to compete with petroleum?

The best fuel would only win for the day. Tomorrow, who knows what new, better, cheaper, cleaner fuel would hit the market and set the bar even higher? In other words, fuels would compete the way apps for your phone compete: Fiercely. Daily. Creatively.

All that needs to happen is to break the monopoly. In the case of phones, the monopoly was AT&T's on long distance calling. When that monopoly was broken in 1984, the phone industry exploded with new services, cheaper services, new ways of making phone calls, and now phones and phone services and apps are all competing for our dollars fiercely. It has been great for the consumer.

In the case of fuels, the only thing holding us back from a similar competitive environment is the one-fuel car. That's what keeps petroleum's monopoly in place. Break that and you change the world.


True Independence

Monday, October 6, 2014

We can break the cartel's influence on our gas prices by stripping oil of its strategic status. And we can get out of the box of GAS prices and concern ourselves with FUEL prices. How can we lower fuel prices? We can introduce competition in the fuel market by turning the cars on our roads into platforms upon which fuels can compete. We can buy flex fuel cars. We can convert our cars to flex fuel cars now and start burning alcohol fuel.

And we don't have to rely on any other country's cooperation. We can do this ourselves. OPEC may decide to continue plundering the world's financial resources by keeping the price of oil high, but it would no longer affect fuel prices in America. Our fuel prices could steadily drop as we develop better ways of making fuel.


Interview with PUMP's Filmmaker Josh Tickell

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You can listen to an interview with Josh Tickell, the filmmaker of the new movie, PUMP here:

The Coast to Coast Show

You'll see "Download MP3s." Choose "Hour 1."

Here is the radio station's description of the interview:

First hour guest, filmmaker Josh Tickell talked about his documentary, Pump, which tells the story of America's addiction to oil and alternative fuels that can replace it. Rudolf Diesel made his diesel engine to run on vegetable oil and Henry Ford originally designed the Model T to run on alcohol fuel, Tickell explained. They realized if fuel was controlled by large organizations, then the power would rest with large organizations instead of with the people, he added... [Tickell] spoke about how newer gasoline burning cars can be switched via software to run on more than one fuel type, including ethanol, methanol, and natural gas. He also suggested that the Millennial generation will take on the challenges of fuel and energy, and radically change them.

To find out if PUMP is now playing in your city, go here:

And select your state.

Watch a couple of great previews at Fandango.


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