Interview with PUMP's Filmmaker Josh Tickell

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You can listen to an interview with Josh Tickell, the filmmaker of the new movie, PUMP here:

The Coast to Coast Show

You'll see "Download MP3s." Choose "Hour 1."

Here is the radio station's description of the interview:

First hour guest, filmmaker Josh Tickell talked about his documentary, Pump, which tells the story of America's addiction to oil and alternative fuels that can replace it. Rudolf Diesel made his diesel engine to run on vegetable oil and Henry Ford originally designed the Model T to run on alcohol fuel, Tickell explained. They realized if fuel was controlled by large organizations, then the power would rest with large organizations instead of with the people, he added... [Tickell] spoke about how newer gasoline burning cars can be switched via software to run on more than one fuel type, including ethanol, methanol, and natural gas. He also suggested that the Millennial generation will take on the challenges of fuel and energy, and radically change them.

To find out if PUMP is now playing in your city, go here:

And select your state.

Watch a couple of great previews at Fandango.


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