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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Yossie Hollander at TEDx.
The following is a special message from Joseph “Yossie” Hollander, Co-Founder of Fuel Freedom Foundation:

I've certainly been loving the low gas prices lately, but not knowing if or when they'll skyrocket again makes me a little uneasy.

One thing's clear: We need to stabilize the market to permanently lower costs at the pump.

Making American produced alternative fuels like ethanol and methanol more widely available is how we get there. Doing so would not only reduce our dependence on foreign oil — we’d also create a whole new generation of US jobs.

If you're with me in wanting more fuel choice, add your name to our petition to ask major independent retailers to install alternative-fuel pumps at their existing stations.

Getting these fuels to the hands of consumers is a critical step in achieving stability and driving growth in the market.

It's time we had fuel choice right here at home so that Americans are not held hostage by the oil industry. Communities around the country that drove the surge in U.S. oil production are now victims of falling global prices. Already this month, thousands of workers are losing their jobs.

The antidote to this boom-and-bust cycle of oil prices is giving American drivers a real choice at the pump. There are entire sectors of the fuel industry that are left untapped — all we have to do is demand the choice to use them.

Our workers — and consumers — deserve better.

Make your voice heard. Urge major retailers to get on board with offering alternative fuels at their stations:


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