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Friday, February 12, 2016

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Why fuel choice matters for California, new electric cars on the way, and a report about gasoline Read, share, and enjoy!

E85 can help California cut emissions now

Fuel Freedom Foundation (Feb 10, by Landon Hall) - We’ve seen firsthand who drives flex-fuel vehicles and fills them up with E85 ethanol in California: They’re soccer moms, financiers, electricians and students. They’re all races and ethnicities, and they represent the whole socioeconomic spectrum. This is exactly the kind of diverse group needed to help California reach its goal of cutting emissions from oil and gasoline.

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Game Change: Tesla And GM Announce Affordable, Long-Range Electric Cars

Think Progress - Two of the world’s leading electric vehicle producers say that they will soon deliver 200+ mile range EVs at a game-changing price of $30,000 or less — including tax incentives. Until now, EVs have not been considered a mass-market consumer vehicle in the United States for two key reasons — high price and low range. But with battery prices continuing their unexpectedly rapid price drop, both General Motors and Tesla have announced that they can address both of those problems simultaneously in the near future. For GM, it will be the Chevy Bolt, and for Tesla, the Model 3.

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BP Claims That Oil Storage Limit Is Far Nearer Than We Realize - BP CEO Robert Dudley is warning that storage tanks will be completely full by the end of H1. "We are very bearish for the first half of the year," Dudley said at the IP Week conference in London Wednesday. "In the second half, every tank and swimming pool in the world is going to fill and fundamentals are going to kick in," he added. "The market will start balancing in the second half of this year.”

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7 Facts You Should Know About Gasoline, from our Brand New Report

Union of Concerned Scientists - Changes to the cars we drive make headlines every day, but changes to the fuels we use to power them are hidden from view, behind the gas pump. My new report, Fueling a Clean Transportation Future, released today, takes a broad view of how transportation fuels are changing. I delve deep into the changing sources of oil used to make gasoline and the growing negative consequences for the climate; the way ethanol is made today, and the prospects to make it cleaner in future; and the growing importance of electricity as a transportation fuel, and what it will take to realize the full climate benefits of this important technology.

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